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Replace gear oil

Before carrying out the work make sure you are confident you know what you are doing... If
you have any questions feel free to ask them on our discussion forum.
Remember if you don't feel
confident about what you are doing take the bike to a qualified mechanic.

Remove the fairing screws on the left side.
And the bottom ones too...
Undo the other side screws and remove the fairings.
Undo the oil cap and leave open. Make sure no dirt or other crud gets inside.
Undo the drain bolt on the other side under the gear lever with a 10mm socket.
Pull the bolt out and allow all the oil to drain into a pan. Leave it to drain until it stops dripping.
Tighten the drain bolt back up.
Fill the bike with 0.8l of gear oil.
Replace the oil cap. Start the bike and fiddle with the clutch for a minute. Check the oil level is between the min & max markers.
Put the fairings back on and screw back into place.