Visitor's Bikes
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Richard's Bike
Irish 2001 spec NSR125
Aviator's Bike
A brand new Honda NS-1 from Ireland.
Mike's Bike
A third Mike!
Jose's Bike
An NSR125 from sunny Barcelona
Kevin's Bike
A UK Spec 2000 NSR125 from Hampshire
Julen's Bike
An unfaired NSR125F from the Basque Country
Thomas' Bike
An NSR with a single seat conversion from Germany
Mike's Bike
Another mike and his mate with a nice set of NSR's.
Esko's Bike
A 2000 Spec NSR125 from Finland.
Dylan's Bike
An NSR125rk imported from Italy.
Liam's Bike
A Y reg parallel import bike.
Lee's Bike
An NSR125FL import.
TJ's Bike
A 2001 NSR125RR in Rossi colours
Tom's Bike
Fully de-restricted 2001 NSR125R
Ashley's' Bike
An NSR150SP in Repsol Colours from Australia
Taka's Bike
A 1991 Italian import NSR125R-K
Paul's Bike
An NSR125R-K
Mike's Bike
A 2000 UK Spec NSR125 from Ipswich.
SummY's Bike
A Tricolour 2001 UK Spec NSR from Salford, Manchester.
Vicky's Bike
A 2000 NSR125RR from London.
Luke's Bike
No info
Dave's Bike
A Rothmans NSR Rk sp set up in racing colours.
Dan's Bike
A brown & silver 1998 NSR from Jersey.
Marius' Bike
A Tricolour 1998 Norwegian NSR from Saltsraumen.